table numbers, photography, and parking

So I was stressing out about table numbers because I didn’t want to use paper and I didn’t want to spend much. I really liked the idea of using house number or cut out wood numbers, but the cheapest I could find were 50 cents a piece, which would be about $11. Unfortunately those were really small and maybe wouldn’t be noticable at all. The others I came across were anywhere from 1-4 dollars per number. At one point I thought about wine bottles, but recently found out we cannot have bottles anywhere except behind the bar. I saw a couple ideas with popsicle sticks and paper, but nothing really looked right. While we were in Maine, our friend Jes (of the beautiful wedding I posted from Oncewed) explained how important candles would be. I knew our venue wouldn’t allow candles, so I started thinking of ways to use, yet disguise the battery operated candle/tealights I had seen for $5/6 pack at Rite Aid (yes, I love me some drug stores!). After about 18 hours in a car (yes, it should have been a 16 hour trip, 8 each way, but we got turned around, twice), I came up with the following idea:


I took one sheet of vellum ($8 for a pack of 50 at Target (I know)) and printed a number on the front. Then I rolled it to make a cylinder and taped it in the back and placed it over the battery operated tea light.

This is my result:


I might make them shorter and thinner and I’ll probably center the candle, but overall I’m pleased. I’ve found a way to get candles and table numbers! Ahhhhhh…..

Also, we booked a photographer. He’s giving us a great price for the CD. He was recommended by a friend.  And he agreed to do it for $150 less than his original quote. We would have asked to trim $250, but we know our event is going to be all day long, so we didn’t. Jo and I are polishing our skills of negotiation.

Finally, I got  parking down $100. It was so easy, I wonder if I should have asked for $200 off.


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